Freedom for Razhden Shulaya in New York

Freedom for Razhden Shulaya


With the current climate between the USA and  Russia,  it is not far  fetched to assume  that the prosecution has found loosely based stereotype and applied it to the defendant. It is our feeling that the prosecution has a personal agenda against defendants of Russian or Eastern European decent. This type of discrimination reflects directly on the not only the prosecution but the justice system in its entirety.  The defendant does not exhibit the usual signs of gang affiliation such as the indicative skin tattoos, and  extensive criminal histories. The only association by which the prosecution has connected the defendant tow Russian gang is his eastern - European name. This is newly created page by support team of Razhden Shulaya who has been unfairly detained by US government, due to , as many people believe,  fake media as well as tense conditions between Russian Federation and United States of America in general.


Our team of supporters will currently keep you updated on real happenings of Razhden Shulaya's matter, work of lawyers and Depratment of Justice work overall .  

U.S. Constitution- Amendment 1: “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


Here is the outcome of the last hearing on Razhden Shulaya's bail held on August 10th, 2017.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Forrest, the judge assigned to Razhden Shulaya's case, denied his request for bail.

" I can't believe what has just happened"

Most people said coming out of the courtroom.

What happened is that Mrs. Forrest would twist all the positives into negatives. 

For example:

1. Razhden Shulaya was acting calm, collected and well-mannered in court room as well as in jail. Mrs. Forrest characterize it as a strong person, implying Shulaya being powerful and dangerous. 

2. There was a group of supporters and guarantors present in courtroom, people who love and care for him, including his wife, niece and close friends.  Judge would take it as him being a manipulative person and forced them to do so. What a nonsense! 

And these are unfortunately the dirty tactics of prosecutors nowadays. 

Hopefully the team of Razhden Shulaya's lawyers would be more aggressive in the following proceedings and will help Judge Forrest to see through the mud that the prosecutors created.

Close the deal

For Russian speaking people we suggest to visit the following website with an updated article on up to date news:  

<a href="">

Unfortunately, it looks like not just the Department of Justice is malfunctioning, but its extremely hard to find the right attorney.
Talking about the defense team; Razhden's first attorney turned out wasn't even licensed in Federal Court Trials, his 2nd attorney Christopher Shella had a criminal history and started to work with prosecutors testifying against Razhden, who was fired before he withdrew himself from the case in front of the Judge.   Prosecutors scare anybody who is trying to help Razhden, by threatening investigating businesses and making false accusations to his interpreters. 
The Judge Mrs. Forrest has been so misled by the dirty work of prosecutors. Wrong assumption of Razhden's approach to the choice of attorney. WRONG!
We do not hire unlicensed, unprofessional scumbags, and thats who we were dealing with. So far, our attorney just take money and vanish with no work progress whatsoever. 
But even without defense team help, so much has been discovered. The truth will always prevail.  

<a href=“

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         Trial June 4th

The trial is set on June 4th, 2018. The Judge appointed CJA Antony Cecutti as Razhden's attorney and as expected  is hesitant for Razhden's private attorney to take on a case as his lead attorney. How is this a justice system when we cannot be represented by who we choose to be?


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