Sentencing for Razhden Shulaya is squeduled on December 19th 2018.

Just days before Christmas we hope that the new Judge will see the truth beyond the fabricated by Government so-called Shulaya Enterprise. Initially assigned to Shulaya's case judge Forrest retired, known to be the strickest Judge in Southern District of Manhattan ( we hear from lawyers the feeling of relief ) .

Unfortunately the new Judge Loretta Presca who was assigned to Razhden Shulaya's case on the most recent hearring dated November 19th, 2018 has denied Razhden's request to retain a new lawyer which makes it contradictory due to the fact that on the previus hearring same judge would clearly state that Razhden has that right and couldn't be denied with his choice of a lawyer. Most likely after suggestions from the previous judge Forrest and taking her notes into consideration made a decision to deny in choosing the right defense for Razhden Shulaya. We need justice, without having right represantation Razhden is unable to defend himself. He stated in the courtroom that he intended to change his lawyer from the very beginning but was not given that chance. The new Lawyer to be hired was Mr. Stephen Preziosi who fought in the courtroom for unsealing the docket and all necessary documents pertaining to Mr. Shulaya. The Judge Loretta Presca was hesitant to allowing that but due to Mr. Preziozi's experience he was able to move it forward though still denied in replacing Mr. Shulaya's current Government appointed lawyers.